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You bet, once that dry flaky skin starts to show up all we wish for is to see smoother, softer, hydrated skin. However, we’re all not that lucky because the dry winter air does take a toll on the largest organ in the body. Most of us are left wondering, what can I do to make it stop? Well there are a few things you can do to maintain healthy glowing skin.


ONE | Put together a bath and body care regimen that will do the following:

  1. CLEANSE: Use moisturizing soaps that has a combination of natural ingredients –it should be SLS Free. Cold process soaps are a good option. If you use body washes check for common ingredients that are known to strip and dry the skin of its natural sebum. Striping can leave the skin feeling tight, dry and itchy sometimes. You definitely don’t want that! If your skin is already getting beat down by the weather that last thing you want is to add insult to injury. Depending on where you live you’re probably using hard water which is another issue, so try to limit your showering time.
  2. EXFOLIATE: A great natural body scrub or emulsified scrub will do wonders! Use it after cleansing to help polish, remove dead skin cells and moisturize. You should be left nice and smooth with no greasiness. This step is very important because not only it exfoliates, it also helps to reveal newer softer skin.
  3. MOISTURIZE: All natural body butters, rich body creams and herbal botanical infused body oils are excellent choices. Your choice of a moisturizer must be able to nourish, seal the skin of moisture and keep it hydrated for at least 12 to 24 hours. That will reduce or eliminate dryness based on the individual.

TWO | Enjoy occasional baths with nutritiously skin loving natural ingredients

  1. A great bath oil or Bath bomb
  2. Skin cleansing and fortifying bath teas. Teas promote good health and healing by nature due the essential oils they contain. When added to your bath, soaking will help the skin consume all of the goodness.
  3. Bath salts are also a great addition due to their detoxifying and exfoliating properties. They are loaded with minerals to help sooth and de-stress the body. Bath salts with a botanical herb mix are an excellent 2-in-1 option.

THREE | Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize....Before you know's summer again! Until Then…

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A Great Bath & Body Regimen | = | Happy Skin!


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