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About Us

Q2NATURALS is an all-natural, handmade, made to order company dedicated to making all-natural quality hair care, bath & body products for your daily use. We believe in creating high quality products made with 100% natural ingredients that we know can benefit both hair and skin naturally.

We formulate our products with a combination of organic and natural oils, butters, herbs, botanicals, clays, essential oils and floral water hydrosols so you can know exactly what you're putting on your body. Keep your hair and skin hydrated, moisturized, smoother and stronger without chemicals, fillers, parabens and phthalate free for a better hair and body experience.

Our natural hair care line is suited for all hair types mainly coily, kinky, curly, wavy, afro-textured and mixed hair types. Q2 carry hair butters, herbal oils, leave-in & detanglers, curl definers, refresher sprays, shampoo, deep conditioners and many other products for curl maintenance: wash-N-go, twists, perm rod sets, up-do, twist outs, braids, roller set, bantou knots, LOC method, etc. There are many options available for any hair type including hair oil blends, sprays, hair masks, hair tea rinse, etc. 

Our bath & body products are also made with organic and natural ingredients. Enjoy our line of body butters, body scrubs, body and massage oils and perfume oils. We also carry specialty items (ie. salve, mosquito repellent, cold & flu, pain relief, etc). As much a we love scenting our products with essentials, we find that our customers also enjoy the smell of some exceptional fragrances. Therefore, we do offer a selection of fragrance options in our menus.

It's a beautiful line and we are located in the heart of New York no matter the weather, come sunshine...come rain, snow and sleet. We create so you can maintain your beauty. Go ahead and find something just for you.



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