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Whip Curl Defining Shampoo| Bentonite Clay Detox Hair Wash

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A gentle curl defining hydrator that is conditioning, moisturizing, clarifying and a sulfate free natural cream cleanser. A detangling clay and co-wash shampoo for all hair types: coily, kinky, curly, wavy, coarse, frizzy, oily, straight, dry damage hair. With key ingredients like aloe vera and african black soap to sooth, moisturize, soften and cleanse; bentonite clay and mineral rich sea salt blend to detox, clarify, strengthen, clump and restore curls. Plus, it’s infused in a proprietary essential oil blend to maintain oil balance and elasticity.

This shampoo is all-natural and it brings life back to dry, very dry to extremely dry curls. It’s moisturizing and a pre-poo treatment is optional. It’s a curly hair cleansing treatment just for you if you have tried many deep conditioners, oils, butters and creams but to no avail the dryness is just not going away.

>>>Hydrates & Defines Curls
>>>Cleanse, Condition and Clarify (the 3 C’s of detoxing & volumizing hair)
>>>Moisturize, Soften and Detangle (you will realize that conditioner is not even needed once you rinse out this cleanser)
>>>Promote volume & a healthy shine

>>>Removing build up, dirt and excess oils from the hair without stripping or drying it out
>>>Dryness…dry, unruly, dull and damaged hair
>>>Removes Dandruff for those with flaky hair and soothes the scalp
>>>Anti-Itch…for those with itchy scalp
>>>Nourish dry and frizzy weather battered curls

>>>Anytime the hair is dry and need added moisture
>>>Anytime you need a gentle hair clarifying treat
>>>Anytime you need a deep cleanse to restore unruly Hair
>>>It’s perfect to use before a wash-n-go because it helps to clump curls and add volume

Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Roasted Cocoa Pods, Palm Kernel Oil, Banana Bark, Plaintain Skin Ash, Palm Oil, (African Black Soap), Bentonite Clay, Mineral Rich Sea Salt Blend, Activated Charcoal, Q2 Proprietary Essential Oil Blend--to cleanse, rejuvenate and fortify

Thoroughly finger detangle if needed, saturate and rinse hair with warm water. Scoop some of the shampoo and rub between the palms of your hand and smooth throughout. Focusing on the scalp massage well, smooth it through the ends of the hair and finger detangle if necessary. Then rinse, repeat if necessary followed by conditioner or go straight to applying your leave-in or LOC Method.

This product comes in an 8 oz. jar

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